Diaodrain was created by DAW SANITARY in 2013,speciallized and dedicated on the solution of fast flow with smell seal, easy clean and high efficient install on the project as shower stalls,pool surrounds, patio, balconities,driveways and storm drainage, also the bathtub,washbasin, washroom,kitchen clean area in your home.
Advance flow delication
DIAODRAIN design series linear channel drains system  with the big fast flow way(comply with EN1253-2015 standard) that help you enjoy the bath as the long time as you wish,never worry the flood on feet again with also the DIAODRAIN waste water retreatment system, the waste bath water be collected and reused.
Advance seal and clean delication
DIAODRAIN design and offer the seal for smell without water and the strainer that easy catch and clean.  You could relax the problem of sewer smell flee out into your home specially in Summer.
 Advance install delication
DIAODRAIN drain system are workable in multiple length and width, styles, and the only site sizeable drain that allow the channel length and high could be modified for easy install finished.
DIAODRAIN drain system surmounts the traditional centre drain that requires pitching the floor in 4 direction which is not easy made on field, DIAODRAIN offer the way that pitch the suface in one direction without the limitation on tile size or slab material.

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